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In 2017 K12 Data launched Physician Data, a medical email list provider. Over the years we have had great success bringing quality doctor email leads to our customers. Whether you are looking for a physician email list, a dentist email list, or an email list of nurses, we have them all. Our clients build their prospective healthcare email lists in 3 minutes or less, checkout, and the xlsx file is auto-delivered into their account. Without question we are a super company to work with, an easy company to do business with and our healthcare email database is spectacular. See how easy it is to work with our databases:  Medical Equipment emails lists, Doctor email lists, and Healthcare email lists. Heres a short list of our job titles to consider for the next time you build a list with 3 minute lists:  

Email Lists Organized by Sector. The medical email list, healthcare email database, and doctor mailing list provider Physician Data was introduced by K12 Data in 2017.
Over the years, we have delivered high-quality doctor email leads to our customers with remarkable success. We provide every type of email list you could possibly need, including doctor email lists, healthcare email lists, dentist email lists, and nurse email lists. From a carefully organized database of email contacts by industry, our clients acquire email lists and databases. In three minutes or less, create your potential healthcare email lists, complete the checkout process, and the xlsx file is automatically delivered to their account.

Without a doubt, we are a great firm to work with, a breeze to do business with, and our database of healthcare email addresses is amazing. Check out how simple it is to use 3 Minute Lists. Here are just a few of our most important email lists organized by industry: Doctor email leads lists, healthcare email leads lists, and medical equipment email leads lists. Additionally, we provide lists of dentists, nurses, and other professionals. For your consideration the next time you create a list using 3-minute lists, here is a short summary of our job titles: Here are the titles and counts that are currently offered: