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K12 Data is our flagship. We started compiling education email lists leads in 2011 and launched in 2012. Our school email database is the best on the market. Our customers build their prospective teacher email leads lists in minutes, checkout, and receive quality education email data in an xlsx or csv format delivered in minutes. If you are looking for quality district email leads or school email leads look no further. K12 Data and 3 Minute Lists stand behind a 97% email deliverability guarantee and we are super to work with. K12 Data has an over 96% customer retention rate and our customer service is top notch. Here's a list of our job titles for all of our K-12 email lists from our data card:

1st Grade Lead Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
21st CCLC Coordinator
21st Century Skills Teacher
2nd Grade Lead Teacher
2nd Grade Teacher
3rd Grade Lead Teacher
3rd Grade Teacher
4th Grade Lead Teacher
4th Grade Teacher
5th Grade Lead Teacher
5th Grade Teacher
6th Grade Lead Teacher
6th Grade Teacher
7th Grade Teacher
8th Grade Teacher
Academic Intervention Teacher
Academic Specialist
Academic Support Teacher
Accounting Administrator
Accounting Teacher
Activities Director
Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Administrative Assistant to the Board
Administrative Assistant to the Supt.
Administrative Dean
Adult Education Curriculum
Adult Education Teacher
Agricultural Education Teacher
Algebra Teacher
Alternative Education
Alternative Education Teacher
American Literature Teacher
American Sign Language Teacher
Anatomy and Physiology Teacher
Anthropology Teacher
Arabic Teacher
Art Department Chairperson
Art Teacher
Assessment and Accountability
Assistant or Vice Principal, Elementary
Assistant or Vice Principal, High
Assistant or Vice Principal, Middle
Assistant Superintendent
Assistant Teacher
Asst. Super. Administration
Asst. Super. Business and Finance
Asst. Super. Human Resources
Asst. Super. Instruction and Curriculum
Asst. Super. Pupil Personnel
Asst. Super. Special Services
Astronomy and Space Science Teacher
At-Risk Academic Support
Athletic Coach
Athletic Department
Athletic Director
Attendance Officer
Audio-Visual Specialist
Autism Teacher
Automotive Repair Teacher
AVID Teacher
Band Teacher
Basic Skills Development Teacher
Before and After School Coordinator
Behavior Specialist
Benefits Department
Bilingual Education
Bilingual Secondary Teacher
Biology Teacher
Biology Teacher, AP
Bookkeeping Dept
Budget and Finance
Building Trades/Construction Teacher
Buildings and Grounds
Business Administrator
Business and Personal Law Teacher
Business and Technology Dept Chairperson
Business Education Teacher
Business Management Teacher
Business Manager
Business Math Teacher
Business Supervisor
Cafeteria Staff
Calculus Teacher
Calculus Teacher, AP
Career & Technical Education Curriculum
Career and Vocational Education Teacher
Career Development Coordinator
Career Teacher
Ceramics Teacher
Character Education Coordinator
Chemistry Teacher
Chemistry Teacher, AP
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Child Development and Parenting Teacher
Child Welfare
Chinese Teacher
Citizenship or Civics Teacher
Commercial Art and Graphic Design Teacher
Community Relations
Community Service
Composition/Creative Writing Teacher
Computer & IT Dept.
Computer Applications Teacher
Computer Programming Teacher
Computer Repair and Networking Teacher
Computer Science Teacher
Computer Science Teacher, AP
Computer/Instructional Technology Coordinator
Coordinator of State Programs
Cosmetology Teacher
Culinary Arts Teacher
Curriculum Coordinator
Curriculum, Elementary
Curriculum, K-12
Curriculum, Secondary
Custodial or Maintenance
Dance Teacher
Data Technology
Dean of Students
Debate and Speech Teacher
Department Chairperson
Desktop Publishing Teacher
Developmental Delay Early Childhood Teacher
Developmental Reading Teacher
Diagnostician and Testing
Digital Electronics Teacher
Digital/Computer Graphics Design Teacher
Director of Administration
Director of Assessment and Accountability
Director of Attendance
Director of Bilingual/ESL
Director of Business Partnerships & Grants
Director of Career and Technical Education
Director of Child Nutrition
Director of Early Childhood Education
Director of Elementary Education
Director of Facilities and Maintenance
Director of Federal Programs
Director of Finance and Accounting
Director of Food Services
Director of Guidance & Counseling
Director of Head Start
Director of Health Services
Director of Human Resources
Director of Information Technology
Director of Instruction/Curriculum
Director of Instructional Technology
Director of Library & Media Services
Director of Operations
Director of Planning or Construction
Director of Professional Development
Director of Publicity and Communications
Director of Pupil Personnel
Director of Purchasing
Director of Safety & Security
Director of Secondary Education
Director of Special Ed.
Director of Special Programs
Director of Student Services & Records
Director of Technology
Director of Title I Programs
Director of Transportation
District Bullying Coordinator
District Department Assistants
Drafting & Computer Aided Design Teacher
Early Childhood Education Curriculum
Early Childhood Teacher
Earth Science Teacher
Economics Teacher
Education Specialist
Elementary Teacher
ELL/ESL Education
ELL/ESL Elementary Teacher
ELL/ESL Secondary Teacher
Emotionally Challenged Teacher
Engineering Teacher
Engineering/Architecture Teacher
English Language and Composition, AP Teacher
English Literature and Composition Teacher
English/Lang Arts Dept Chairperson
English/Language Arts Teacher
Environmental Science Teacher
Environmental Science Teacher, AP
Equity Officer
Ethnic/World Studies Teacher
European History Teacher, AP
Executive Assistants
Family and Consumer Sciences Dept Chairperson
Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
Fine Arts Curriculum
Fine Arts Teacher
Fire Science Teacher
Food Service/Cafeteria Manager
Food Services
Foreign Language Dept Chairperson
Foreign Language Teacher
Foreign Languages Curriculum
French Teacher
Geometry Teacher
German Teacher
Gifted & Talented Curriculum
Gifted and Talented
Gifted and Talented Teacher
Grants Specialist
Greek Teacher
Guidance & Counseling, K-12
Guidance Counselor
Guidance Department Chairperson
Head of School
Head Start Coordinator
Health Aide
Health and Wellness Teacher
Health Careers Teacher
Health/Physical Education
Hearing Impaired Teacher
Hebrew Teacher
History Teacher
Home School Coordinator
Homebound Education
Homebound Instruction
Homeless and Migrant Education
Human Resources Specialist
Humanities Teacher
Industrial Arts Teacher
Information Technology
Instructional Facilitator
Instructional Technology
Instrumental Music Teacher
International Baccalaureate Coordinator
International Business Teacher
Italian Teacher
Japanese Teacher
Journalism Teacher
Jr. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)
K-12 Teacher
Keyboarding and Word Processing Teacher
Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Language Arts/English, Elementary
Language Arts/English, K-12
Language Arts/English, Secondary
Latin Teacher
Law Enforcement Teacher
Lead Teacher
Learning Disability Teacher
Librarian/Media Center Specialist
Library and Media Services
Life Science Teacher
Life Skills Teacher
Literacy Coach
Literacy Curriculum
Literature Teacher
Marketing Teacher
Math Coach/Specialist
Math Department Chairperson
Mathematics Teacher
Mathematics, Elementary
Mathematics, K-12
Mathematics, Secondary
Media Communications Teacher
Middle/Jr High Teacher
Music Department
Music Department Chairperson
Music Teacher
Network Department
Nurse and Health Services
Nutrition and Wellness Teacher
Occupational and Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapist
Orchestra Teacher
Other Certified Employee - Pupil Personnel
Other Certified Employee - Special Services
Other District Staff
Other Health Impairment
Other-Instruction and/or Curriculum
Para Professional
Parent/Community Resource Coordinator
Payroll & Personnel
Peer Tutoring
Personal Finance Teacher
Photography Teacher
Physical Ed Department Chairperson
Physical Education
Physical Education Teacher
Physical Science Teacher
Physical Therapist
Physics Teacher
Physics Teacher, AP
Pre-Algebra Teacher
Pre-Calculus Teacher
Pre-K Teacher
Principal, Elementary
Principal, High
Principal, Middle
Probability and Statistics Teacher
Psychology Teacher
Psychology Teacher, AP
PTA/PTO President
Purchasing Agent
Reading and Literature Teacher
Reading First Teacher
Reading Teacher
Reading, K-12
Religion Teacher
Response to Intervention
Risk Management
Russian Teacher
Safe & Drug Free Schools Facilitator
Safety and Security
School Administrator
School Board Member
School Board President
School Improvement Coordinator
School Psychologist
School Secretary
Science Department Chairperson
Science Teacher
Science, Elementary
Science, K-12
Science, Secondary
Secondary Teacher
Secretary/Administrative Assistant
Senior High Teacher
Social Studies Dept Chairperson
Social Studies Teacher
Social Studies, Elementary
Social Studies, K-12
Social Studies, Secondary
Social Worker
Sociology Teacher
Spanish Teacher
Special Ed. Aide
Special Ed. Coordinator
Special Ed. Curriculum
Special Ed. Resource Teacher
Special Ed. Teacher
Special Education
Special Education Dept Chairperson
Special Education/Services Dept
Speech and Communication Teacher
Speech and Hearing
Speech and Language Therapist
Staff Development
State and Local Government Teacher
State/Local History Teacher
Statistics Teacher, AP
STEM Teacher
Student Activities
Student Club Advisor
Student Records
Student Support Specialist
Studio Art Teacher, AP
Study Skills Teacher
Substitute Teacher
Support Staff
Teacher Mentor/Coach
Teacher's Aide
Technical/Business Communication Teacher
Technology and IT
Technology Education Dept Chairperson
Technology Education Teacher
Theatre Arts/Drama Teacher
Title 1 Coordinator
Title I Curriculum Coordinator
Title I Math Teacher
Title I Reading Teacher
Title I Teacher
Transportation Administrator
Trigonometry Teacher
United States Government and Politics Teacher, AP
United States Government Teacher
United States History Teacher
United States History Teacher, AP
Visual Communication Teacher
Visual Impairment Teacher
Vocal/Choral Music Teacher
Vocational Ed Dept Chairperson
Web Design Teacher
World Geography Teacher
World History or Civilization Teacher
World History Teacher, AP
World Literature Teacher
Yearbook/Student Publications Teacher
Zoology Teacher