How Much Should I Spend on Email Marketing?

Posted on 26/11/22

How Much Should I Spend on Email Marketing?


A quick search of "email marketing expected costs" shows you a price range of $9 to $1,500 per month for this investment as a mid-sized business. Since that's such a big spread, how can you get closer to the cheaper end of that spectrum?


It all depends on your platform, your number of subscribers, and your campaigns' complexity when sending content to prospects. Some expenses, such as buying email lists, are one-time charges that are easily managed.


Other costs, such as the price of each marketing blast, can limit how often you reach out to physician email lists or your other databases.


Most companies spend 20% or less of their marketing budget on email. You should see ongoing growth opportunities if you can dedicate at least 15% of these funds to this process.


How to Save Money on Email Marketing

If you want your email marketing investments to stretch further, try taking these steps to keep those expenses under control while maximizing your contact opportunities with each subscriber.


1. Clean the Email List

You can buy email lists or grow them organically. Either way, you need to take the time to eliminate potential threats to your IP address. Taking this step improves deliverability while reinforcing the strength of your sender reputation. Here are some ways to get results with this effort.


·      Remove duplicate email addresses from the list immediately.

·      Review the actual addresses to eliminate potentially spammy monikers.

·      Correct any obvious typos in the information. [[1]]


2. Create a Better Reader Experience

People want access to engaging information. Although you’ll need written content to attract attention (it is email!), it helps to provide additional multimedia options. You could link to a video you’ve created, share an infographic, or include examples or images of what you offer. [[2]]


When your content receives an upgrade, each reader is more likely to engage with the content.


3. Remove the Disinterested

Email marketing dashboards can let you see what accounts are showing interest in your content and those that ignore it. When you buy lists, give each database a month or two before trimming away those that aren't interacting. This step helps to improve deliverability while reducing stress and costs for you. [[3]]


4. Send Relevant Offers

Personalization is essential for modern email marketing. If the offer you provide isn't relevant to the reader, they're more likely to click on that unsubscribe button. Take a few moments to segment your lists based on your goals, even if you've bought a database that has already taken that step. It's your business, which means you know what problems are solvable for each prospect. [[4]]


5. Be Persistent

Email marketing is a lot like door-to-door sales. You'll get rejected a lot, but that's okay. You're looking for that one prospect in a hundred that wants what you have. Since this outreach effort costs significantly less than other options, the returns can be incredible. [[5]]


When you spend between 10% to 20% of your marketing budget on emails each year, the growth your brand could experience is phenomenal. Why not get started today?

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