Buy Email Lists with Confidence

Posted on 11/12/22

Buy Email Lists with Confidence


You might have been told not to buy email lists for multiple reasons. Here are a few of the most common ones we hear from people before they become our clients.


·      There’s no way to determine the database validity offered in the transaction.

·      The people behind each address could be trolls, bots, or nonexistent.

·      It requires manual verification to determine if the email info is active or abandoned.


Those statements could be factual if you buy email lists from unverified providers. When you work with our team, you can proceed with confidence because we’ve vetted the database. You can expand your reach, generate industry-relevant leads, and improve your conversion rate with one potential investment.


Buying vs. Building: The Same Argument Found Everywhere

Was that marketing message curated for you when you listened to an advertisement on the radio or a streaming app? Yes – and no. [[1]]


Your listening habits told an advertiser that specific businesses could reach a customer like you at that time. They looked at demographic information, specific song choices if you’re online, and other metrics to determine that an ad could be effective if it played during that particular time or slot.


Television marketing, billboard advertising, and print mailers follow the same processes that paid email lists use to develop legitimate prospects to pursue. [[2]]


The only difference is that you go to the potential customer with a paid email list instead of waiting for consumers to come to you.


Organic traffic is helpful because you can operate with confidence, knowing that the people talking to you are interested in your offer. Paid outreach is not meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution, just like you can’t rely on SEO or print to reach everyone. [[3]]


It’s one part of an overall strategy that uses multiple contact points.


Buy Email Lists That Work with Your Goals

We would agree with the sentiment that you shouldn’t buy email lists if you’re taking a random approach to this investment. That’s like winning a product from a claw machine and expecting gold coins to be inside. It’s theoretically possible, but highly unlikely.


Organic reach is down on multiple platforms, but especially social media. Unpaid distribution isn’t working as it did a decade ago. When you have vetted email addresses with interested consumers waiting to hear your message, your marketing efforts can get to work immediately. [[4]]


Although organic marketing Is measurable and affordable, the same description can be used when you buy email lists. All forms of paid advertising can help you reach targeted audiences while keeping your costs low.


You can use granular and specified targeting, test audience insights, and broadcast your message across multiple select channels. With email marketing, you can even invest in retargeting and retention techniques to maintain brand awareness for your goods or services.


The ROI for this approach shows how consistently email investments can deliver a considerable profit margin for virtually any business. [[5]]


When you buy the right lists for your industry, you could be another step closer to achieving your goals.