5 Best Ways to Cultivate Healthcare Email Lists

Posted on 20/10/22

5 Best Ways to Cultivate Healthcare Email Lists


The healthcare industry offers access to one of the fastest-growing markets in the world today. It’s an element of virtually every society, delivering connections to people up and down the delivery chain.


When you work with a comprehensive healthcare email list, you can speak with doctors, nurses, specialists, and many other professionals. They require a wide range of products and services to help others, which means the work you do today could benefit someone tomorrow.


Before benefiting from a healthcare email list, you must know how to cultivate it. Here are some tips to help you achieve that goal.


1. Purchase Contact Information

Instead of doing all the work yourself, partner with a company that generates leads. When you purchase email lists, you’ll want to verify that the members have opted into the program and know that your content is coming their way.


Once you can reach out, consider using videos to speak with each person directly. More than 90% of recipients say they share this content form if they like it. You’ll have a simple way to increase engagement without a significant investment.


2. Use Social Media Posts

A social media strategy is a crucial cultivation component of the modern healthcare email list. Most platforms allow you to upload photos, use videos, and tag products while scheduling posts. If you’re on Instagram, you’ll want to ensure your email signup link is somewhere in your bio. [[1]]


It helps to use A/B testing during this process to determine where the content is most effective and what options deliver the best results. [[2]]


3. Sweepstakes and Giveaways

Engagement rates can rise by 6% or more when you use different contests to cultivate your healthcare email lists. When you get it right, you’ll notice a surge in your conversion rates with this effort. Most recipients share information about these giveaways when they receive it, and two-thirds are willing to share information with a friend to gain extra entries. [[3]]


Those email submissions provide extra contact info that can grow your list further.


4. Get the Basics Right

After growing your healthcare email list, you’ll need to work with it consistently to manage your prospects. Optimizing your approach and delivery is an easy way to keep your performance metrics high. Although several options are available, the most common choices are to automate responses, perform list segmentation, and personalize your content. [[4]]


You can focus on open rates, click-throughs, conversions, or even unsubscribe requests to ensure the performance is what you’d expect.


5. Use Exit Intent Popups

This tactic works. The conversion rate is approximately 3% across all industries, while some in the healthcare field can reach 10% or more. Consider using cookies on your site to track visitors to avoid showing the same material to people who have already signed up to join your email list. [[5]]


You need information to begin growing your healthcare email list. Our team can help you start that process today so that you can begin the cultivation process immediately.


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